Exterior Painting

Trust Capital Decorators Ltd to Paint Your Exteriors 

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Capital Decorators Ltd offer premium exterior painting services for our Wellington customers. 

Before a project is launched, our local team of contractors takes the time to inspect your home and take any specific requirements into consideration. 

The local edge

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We study your home’s façade before buying the materials needed. As various surfaces require different types of paint, we only choose paint materials that best apply to your home’s exterior walls. In addition, we also take into consideration weather conditions when choosing your paint. We make sure that we choose the paint that will withstand direct sunlight or other potential concerns.

Pre painting repairs

Pre painting repairs
Some homes or properties require minor repairs before painting. Capital Decorators Ltd is willing to complete these repairs before painting. 

Capital Decorators Ltd 

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At Capital Decorators Ltd our exterior painting services include: 
  • Restoration of character homes
  • UV protective coatings 
  • Stain resistant paints 
  • Weather proofing
  • Paint stripping 
  • Moss and mould treatment
  • Water blasting
  • Expert advice
When you choose Capital Decorators Ltd to work on your exteriors, you’re assured that you’re only working with qualified and experienced painters.
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